afternoon at lago di braies


Lago di Braies was one of the destinations we wanted to see on this trip. We were a bit discouraged by horror stories of people trying to reach it during high season which is now, and not even being able to park the car or see the lake because of the crowd.

On our way back from Lake Dobbiano we decided we would still try and go anyway. We figured that with bad weather and going late in the afternoon the early crowds would be gone... and so it was. We could get parking and there were no lines to see the lake and to rent the boat. 

 Yes, it was raining at first, but the lake was still beautiful and we were lucky to get a little bit of sun light while we were on the boat on the lake. Please do keep in mind that the boat ride doesn't come cheap: €28 one hour. Of course, we did it anyway because we thought it would be too much fun to pass. Isabella was thrilled to ride and help daddy row the boat and I could shot a million pictures without people in the way. It was a good day.