three hours in syracuse

On this trip to Sicily I really wanted to see Syracuse. I had only heard about this beautiful city from people that had visited but I never had the chance to see it. The only problem being a tourist in August is the heat. That’s why during the day people stay at the beach and in the evening they are all walking around the sights and of course it’s high season so there were a lot of people.

We arrived just in time for sunset but we really had little time before dark so we rented a bike tour guide that took us around the Ortigia Island which is the most beautiful and popular tourist part of Syracuse.  

I only wish we could have had more time. It felt like a ran through the city taking lots of pictures and hoping for the best. Next time I really want to spend at least a couple of days. After sunset we had a nice seafood dinner and then drove back to Marina di Ragusa.