chasing clouds in alto adige

For the second part of our vacation we decided to spend some time in Trentino Alto Adige. After all the heat in Sicily we felt we needed a place to cool down. We spent four days surrounded by nature, Isabella got to see some farm animals up close and personal and I got to take some pictures. Weather was bit unstable but we had a great time anyway.

More to come on separate posts of some of the most popular sights around this area and which we enjoyed a lot like Lago di Braies and Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


last day of beach fun

Last day at the beach. Waves were high so it was hard to swim and play in the water, but it was still nice. On the way back to the apartment I convinced Alex to take me to see the house where they filmed a very popular Italian tv series called Montalbano. The location is called Punta Secca. The house that appears in the series is now a bed and breakfast. It’s a very popular sight now because it got so famous. There where so many tourists it was embarrassing, and it felt a little bit like Hollywood except we were in Sicily.


three hours in syracuse

On this trip to Sicily I really wanted to see Syracuse. I had only heard about this beautiful city from people that had visited but I never had the chance to see it. The only problem being a tourist in August is the heat. That’s why during the day people stay at the beach and in the evening they are all walking around the sights and of course it’s high season so there were a lot of people.

We arrived just in time for sunset but we really had little time before dark so we rented a bike tour guide that took us around the Ortigia Island which is the most beautiful and popular tourist part of Syracuse.  

I only wish we could have had more time. It felt like a ran through the city taking lots of pictures and hoping for the best. Next time I really want to spend at least a couple of days. After sunset we had a nice seafood dinner and then drove back to Marina di Ragusa.


san lorenzo beach and marzamemi

During our vacation we decided to spend one day at the San Lorenzo beach close to the Riserva di Vendicari on the east cost of Sicily. It took us almost two hours to get there from Marina di Ragusa but it was worth it. The beach was amazing, and the water was all shades of blue. During high season it can get crowded but that goes for all popular locations all over Italy. On our way back we stopped by this very cute little fisherman’s town called Marzamemi for some great Sicilian granita.


destination sicily

Here we are in beautiful Sicily. This year we decided to take a plane instead of driving somewhere so we could save time. Isabella was super exited. Destination: Marina di Ragusa.


We rented an apartment with a beautiful view of the sea, situated not far from the beach but not walking distance. The positive side is that we have parking, a terrace so we can eat outside and an amazing swimming pool. Oh yes and the garden is beautiful too. The down side is that we have to drive to the beach but this way we can explore more.


bagni misteriosi

It’s summer. It’s hot. What’s better than a summer party pool side? This year our company meeting took place in this beautiful venue called “Bagni Misteriosi” in Milano. It’s a very popular and trendy location and it’s also a swimming pool. I have been wanting to see this place for a while so I’m glad the event took place here. What a great opportunity to take pictures!


black cloud

Black Cloud is the project by Carlos Amorales that can be seen at the Fondazione Pini. We took Isabella to see this amazing historic place which was filled with 15 thousand black butterflies all over the walls and all over the existing permanent exibihition. The result was pretty impressive.


bella and the city @design week

A couple of weeks ago was “design week” here in Milan. I always look forward to this event because the city transforms into a real European city, full of art and interesting people as opposed to what feels like a small closed Italian town. Last year I took a day off from work just to wonder around the city and take pictures of the art installations I liked the most (post here). Unfortunately, this year I wasn’t that lucky and the only time we had was a brief two hours on Saturday morning.  

Of course, the lines to get to the most interesting installations and sites were too long and the weather was cold and rainy but Isabella had fun running around the city anyway. Oh yes and I tried my first cappuccino at the Italian Starbucks. Not sure I will have another one.


eternal city

During my stay in Rome a few weeks back we spent one afternoon on a walking tour of the city.  We started from the Colosseum and ended in Piazza Navona. What a wonderful photo opportunity and a great way to spend the afternoon. We were also lucky with the weather. It ended up being the only sunny day of the week but super cold. During my stay we were guests of the La Borghesiana House which you can see in this post here.


when in rome, do as the romans do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.... I spent 4 days for work in this wonderful guest house, 30 minutes outside of Rome: La Borghesiana. Really different from a normal hotel concept.  I believe it’s for businesses and company events only but they really make you feel at home. The rooms are super comfortable and cozy. The food was amazing. They are managed by Châteauform. Here are some pictures of this wonderful venue.